Although the phase III clinical trial was a failure, Neurochlore was able to retrieve data that could be promising. Indeed, we are convinced that Bumetanide works on sub-populations, defined by more specific criteria that were not considered in the selection of the initial trial. We have entered into a partnership with the company Quinten Health Information note on the re-use of your health data

IBEN will give a satellite conference at the FENS 2022, an european congress of neurosciences. The conference, which take place on July 7 and 8 at RIVE Montparnasse, will focus on the Neuroarcheology of the brain disorders and GABA signals. It will be organized by Yehezkel Ben-Ari & Nick Spitzer and will include many renowed IBEN hosts a satellite conference at FENS 2022

Short video depicting the hypothesis that autism and developmental disorders are generated in utero and how identification of the alterations they produce will enable their early prediction and novel treatments.