A new report on the promising use of Bumetanide treatment for autism

Literature Review  |  24 January 2021
Un nouveau rapport sur l’utilisation prometteuse du traitement par bumétanie pour l’autisme

Since our groundbreaking positive results on the use of Bumetanide (a highly selective antagonist of the NKCC1 chloride importer) to treat autism, first in a pilot open trial and then in two double-blind clinical trials, numerous independent trials have confirmed these results. A new report by Christopher Gillberg’s group in Sweden (addressed in our recent Editorial in Acta Paediatrica) extends previous positive observations and adds important information to the use of Bumetanide to treat autistic children. In addition, they used for the first time a parental scale to evaluate Bumetanide’s effect providing new insights on the parent’s perceptions of the benefits of the treatment. Further clinical trials are needed to confirm this approach. 

References :
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